And the winners are…

Awards 2014


The Highest Amount for an adult was Brian Guille £305.

Highest Girl was Elicia Stephens from Vale Primary School  £180.

Highest Boy was Sam Woodington from Vale Primary School – £190.

Highest family was the Stephens Family (Abigail, Joshua and Haidee and Stuart Taylor) – £232.20. Abigail and Joshua are 9 and 11 and at the Forest School.

Highest Team was Methodist Madness £470. Team members were Brian Guille, Janet Foss, Pam Gidney and Murray, Callum, Ryan and Michelle Gilson.

Schools Trophy – highest amount from a school was the Vale Primary£1,124.70.

Schools Merit – Forest Primary School

Individual Merit Trophy – Mr and Mrs Holland who do the Port Soif Checkpoint.

Top 10 schools:

  1. Vale  £1,335.70
  2. Grammar £913
  3. Vauvert  £590.65
  4. Amherst £549.50
  5. The Ladies College £547.50
  6. Les Beaucamps High £422.33
  7. Forest £397.20
  8. St Sampson’s High £368.50
  9. Notre Dame £354
  10. Elizabeth College £330
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