Christian Aid

Poverty is an outrage against humanity. It robs people of dignity, freedom and hope, of power over their own lives.

Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.

We work globally for profound change that eradicates the causes of poverty, striving to achieve equality, dignity and freedom for all, regardless of faith or nationality. We are part of a wider movement for social justice.

We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes.

Our essential purpose is to challenge and change structures and systems that favour the rich and powerful over the poor and marginalised.

In the heart of Kenya, Christian Aid’s partner the Christian Community Services Mount Kenya East (CCSMKE), is working with remote farming communities who are experiencing increasingly erratic weather patterns.
By sending small-scale farmers scientific weather predictions and forecasts via text message technology, translated into their local language, CCSMKE enables them to plant armed with valuable information.

All of Christian Aid’s work is based on trusting and effective relationships. We work in partnership with others as part of a global movement committed to ending poverty and social injustice. Such a vast and necessary force for good, which will improve the lives and opportunities of billions of people, can be set in motion by each and every one of us.


How does giving money really make a difference for poor people? 


We fund a lot of work that helps people tackle their poverty, but we can’t end it this way alone. We also campaign to expose the global systems that contribute to poverty and offer people ways to get involved in changing these.


The three objectives we believe necessary for ending poverty are:

  • Eradication of the structural causes of poverty
  • Eradication of the symptoms of poverty
  • Reduction of vulnerability to poverty

Christian Aid wants to end poverty forever, and seeks large-scale solutions to the causes of poverty. But the symptoms of poverty must be dealt with too – critically during times of emergency.

An example of our work can be seen amidst the despair of famine in West Africa.  We are bringing help to communities in Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso, some of the worst affected countries. Our immediate response involved sending funds to finance an urgent early intervention programme in those countries where we have long-term partners.

And our resilience programmes will enable farmers to grow enough food for their families, despite the increasingly difficult weather conditions.  We are continuing to support more than 214,000 people.

Our Disaster Prevention work is cost effective, it’s practical, and it works.

Even as natural disasters mount in incidence and intensity, the death tolls are avoidable. There are practical, effective ways to help poor families protect their lives and ways of living. It’s all about reducing the risk to the most vulnerable.

Christian Aid stands with those in immediate dire need and those that the media has long since forgotten.  We are in it for the long haul, sustainably and in partnership.

Christian Aid believes that human action is responsible for the underlying causes of poverty and that we – the wealthiest generations in human history – have the greatest opportunity to overcome it. Indeed, since 1950, thanks to the actions of millions of people intent on creating change, child mortality has more than halved, the number of children getting primary education globally has grown to just under 90 per cent and life expectancy in developing countries has risen by, on average, 20 years.


For when people work together, the world can be changed.