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  No Child Born To Die 7.6 million children under five die needlessly every year. We’re working hard to end this outrage through our ambitious No Child Born to Die campaign. Thanks to your support we made some huge breakthroughs in 2011 and now we need your help to end the scourge of childhood malnutrition. Umi - sick child Back in July Umi was close to death when her mother brought her to one of Save the Children's remote health clinics in Kenya, suffering from diarrhoea and malnutrition. No one thought she would survive. Umi - healthy child 3 months later, she is a healthy, smiling little girl and epitomises all the hard work and effort that has gone into raising funds for East Africa. Small amounts of cash given to poor mothers to buy food for their families could make the difference between life and death. Together we can give every child a life free from hunger Save the Children charity works in 120 countries. We save children’s lives. We fight for their rights. We help them fulfill their potential.    

 Save the Children 2015 Campaign Updates

  image002 This week our No Child Born to Die campaign was re-launched for 2015! Focusing on access to free, basic healthcare for every child, we are calling on the UK government to take the lead and ensure that every child has access to life-saving healthcare by 2030. If ambitious and implementable new development goals at the UN General Assembly in September are agreed, we can be the generation to bring the number of preventable child deaths to zero. Your support is invaluable in pushing for change for children. Here is how you can help: A Wake Up Call Our new report, A Wake Up Call, shows us how Ebola highlights the need to strengthen weak health systems that cannot cope with providing essential everyday services, let alone outbreaks of infectious disease. Stronger health systems in poorer countries will help end the continuing injustice of children dying from illnesses like pneumonia and malaria which can be cured or prevented. A World Without Healthcare Our film demonstrates what a world without healthcare looks like – watch it here. Do you think that you would have survived as a child in a world without healthcare? Take our quiz and find out how you would have fared. Take Action Sign our petition to add your support to the campaign to ask the government to deliver healthcare for every child. Please spread the word, share the quiz, film, report and petition with your friends, family and network on social media, or by email! Suggested messages are: Quiz Would you have survived in a world without healthcare? See how you would have fared #HealthcareNow Film No doctor. No medicine. No equipment. For millions of children worldwide, this is a reality. #HealthcareNow Report Prevention is better than cure. Why #Ebola reveals the need for investments in health systems: #HealthcareNow Petition Healthcare is a right – we won’t rest until every child, no matter where they are, has access to it. #HealthcareNow


Dima*, 8, carrying her brother Mahmoud*, 4, outside their family’s tent in an informal settlement for Syrian refugees in Bekaa – Lebanon

Dima*, 8, carrying her brother Mahmoud*, 4, outside their family’s tent in an informal settlement for Syrian refugees in Bekaa – Lebanon

In the run up to 15 March we will be commemorating a sad anniversary: Four years of war in Syria. During that time, 3.2 million children and their families have been displaced to cities and refugee camps across Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Egypt, whilst even more – some 7.6 million – are displaced inside Syria. Children are working, girls are being married off for their ‘safety’ and many boys are being recruited into armed groups. Not only are Syria’s children losing their childhood to the war, they are also about to lose their future, too. But there is hope: We can make a real difference to children’s lives by ensuring that all Syrian children can go to school. Save the Children supporters across the UK will be holding candle-lit vigils to shine a light of hope for Syria’s children. Supportive materials will be available for those holding vigils to enable participants to call on the UK government to champion education for Syria’s children at an influential global conference taking place only two weeks after the anniversary.


Children gather around the rubbles of their destroyed home in Gaza City

Children gather around the rubbles of their destroyed home in Gaza City

Six months on from the recent conflict in Gaza and Israel the situation for the children there remains dire. Last month three children were reported to have died in freezing temperatures. With more than 100,000 people still unable to return to their homes and not enough reconstruction material getting through to make vital repairs, many more children are in danger this winter. On 17 February we will be asking Save the Children supporters to write to their MPs asking them to take up this important issue with Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond urging him to demand safe, rapid and unimpeded provision of humanitarian assistance in Gaza. By taking this action you can help us push for a future where all children, Palestinian and Israeli, are protected and have the chance to thrive. Save the Children Save the Children - Latest Newsletter Save the Children - No Child Born to Die & Syria Video Update

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