Tumaini Fund

The Tumaini Fund is an enthusiastic partner of World Aid Walk.

African childrenFounded in Guernsey in 2003, now registered also in the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

The Tumaini Fund supports 25,000 AIDS orphans in Kagera, NW Tanzania to live independently with a responsible head of family in their communities and not in orphanages.

The Tunaini Fund helps by providing:

  • Improved housing, clothes, school uniforms, books, pens, pencils and mosquito nets.
  • Tumaini supports the children’s education from nursery to university level, also providing vocal training in 5 Tailoring and 3 carpentry schools.
  • Tumaini have sunk in excess of 60 wells to bring our communities clean, safe water.
  • The charity has completed building an entire Primary School for a community which had no access to education for its children.
  • They have also developed irrigation projects and a wide variety of microfinance projects, include extensive use of Saccos – a village savings and credit model.
  • Tumaini have assisted many communities with regards food security during the recent East African Famine and continue to work with communities to improve agricultural resilience.
  • The charity has also rebuilt almost 50 houses following the Earthquake of 2016.

African ChildThe UN quotes that sleeping a child living in a malarious area under an impregnated mosquito net gives that child 50% less chance of dying of malaria in childhood.

The contribution from the World Aid Walk will be used to buy mosquito nets, if bought in bulk, we can buy one for £4 and this will usually protect 2-3 children.


A widow receives mosquito nets from the President of Tumaini Fund USA

A Moslem widow receiving her family’s nets.

Find out more about us at www.tumainifund.org.uk