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Sarnia Hotels generously sponsor the World Aid Walk, providing funding to cover our administration costs.


Sarnia Hotels

About Sarnia Hotels

The Sarnia Hotels Group is a long established family owned group of three hotels all located in prime locations in St. Peter Port Guernsey, Channel Islands. Their hotels are the Best Western Moores Hotel, Les Rocquettes Hotel and Best Western Hotel de Havelet.

Contributing companies and key partners

Over the years the following companies have helped make the World Aid Walk possible through sponsorship, and donation of goods and services
Insurance Corporation
Channel Island Co-Operative Society
Phoenix Foods
Industrial & Leisure Clothing Ltd
Northern Trust
Chandler Backer
Guernsey Prison Service


Information on third world aid

The following links provide more information on the issues our charities work to resolve
Bill Gates Annual Letter
Innovation with Impact: Financing 21st Century Development
Poverty Facts and Stats
Giving aid to poor countries is hardly a great act of generosity
Myths About Aid
Charity Quotations

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