This Is EPIC

Empowering People to Inspire Change

This Is EPIC is a Guernsey registered charity that was formed in September 2013.

This Is EPIC are focused on implementing a scheme called ‘Village Savings and Loans’ within communities in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Village Savings and Loans projects provide people and communities living in extreme poverty to have access to informal financial services. This access acts as a help up and catalyst for income generating activities. It empowers individuals and communities with knowledge and skills and has ahuge positive impact and sustainable difference in the fight against poverty.

There are over 1.3 billion people worldwide who live on less than $1.25 a day, and This Is EPIC’s vision is to enable access to informal financial services for as many people as possible living in extreme poverty.

This is EPIC empower local partners through providing the funding to allow them to develop the Village Savings and Loans Projects within their community.

100% of the funds raised from the WAW will be used primarily on facilitators and trainers who work with the savings and loans groups. The training and support provided to the groups is the critical element in enabling communities to understand how to save and manage their money in an effective way.


Margaret is the chairperson.

She is proud of her group. She has been a widow for 30 years. She has 5 grandchildren. She is a subsistence farmer but VSL helped her to start a piggery. She took out a loan of 400,000 UGX (£85) to buy a pig and build a pigsty. She us going to sell off other pigs to pay the loans back. This helps with finances for the grandchildren. In the future she wants to expand her piggery and also buy a motorbike to start a transport business!


Francis is a very special and loving grandma. She has a very hard life. She is a widow but she looks after 11 children (9 are her grand children). Even just getting enough money to feed the children is a struggle. She took out a loan of £50 to buy a pig. She then went on to sell the piglets to pay the loan back and earn an income. She has concerns for the children and also the toilet is unhygienic. She wants to use her savings to build a better toilet.


This Is EPIC