The Guernsey route starts from the Market Square in town and will take you up the east coast of Guernsey towards the Bridge. From the Bridge you will reach you first checkpoint at the Vale Douzaine room. The walk then goes through picturesque lanes towards the west coast of Guernsey. You will then walk the west coast pathways and past the second checkpoint at Port Soif and down towards Cobo bay and the third checkpoint. The walk then turns back inland and winds its way up towards Saumerez Park. The final stretch of the walk takes you through the Island and up the Rohais back towards town. The finish point is back in the Market Square in town.

Go to: World Aid Walk Guernsey Map or see the video and links below for interactive maps you can use to track the route as you Walk.

Please also read our tips on the route, the checkpoint opening and closing times and most importantly, safety.

Watch this video for more information about the route this year: