Awards 2013

Awarded at Vauvert School – 1st July 2013

The highest amount raised by an adult –  Victor Richer

The highest amount raised by a girl – Charlotte Le Noury

The highest amount raised by a boy – Alex Trabold

Family Trophy – the Trabolds

Team Trophy – Methodist Madness

Schools Trophy (Highest amount from a school) –  the Grammar School

Schools Merit Trophy – Beechwood – Calculated on amount per school/pupil walking

Individual Merit Trophy – Save the Children, awarded for spotting the safety issues regarding the walk route, being brave enough to raise it, and forming a sub committee to rectify it by establishing a new route for 2013 Walk.

Top Five schools to receive framed certificates:

  1. Grammar  £1,673
  2. Vale  £1,309
  3. Hautes Capelles £853
  4. La Hougette £760
  5. The Ladies College £632
  6. Vauvert  £551
  7. Amherst £456
  8. Beechwood £437
  9. Notre Dame £425
  10. Blanchelande £378

 Brilliant performances – so well done all!


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