herm walk

Start and Checkpoints

The Herm World Aid Walk is a 8.5km walk around the very beautiful Island of Herm.

The Herm Walk starts at 10.00 am at the Harbour and will be held whatever the weather.

Check-in tables at the Harbour will be open from 9.30 am.

When you arrive in the morning you will need to check in to receive your pin-on Walker Number.

If you have a sponsorship form, write your name and Walker Number on it and hand it in in exchange for your pin-on number.

Please wear this number in order to identify you as a participant of the World Aid Walk, and ensure your number is noted by the marshal at each checkpoint.

If you wish to stop walking at any point please inform a marshal.

Walk Details

The numbers for Herm World Aid Walk are limited. Once the number is reached, no more entries can be accepted.

Online pre-entry for the Herm Walk closes at 16:00 on Sunday 5th May 2024. 

If the maximum walk numbers are not reached by the online closing time then people wishing to register as a late entry walker can do so on the day of the Walk at the late entry table on the grass near Herm harbour.  The 2024 late entry form can be filled in at home, and brought to the late entry table.  Please be prepared to queue.  If you can register online beforehand, please do as there is limited manpower on the day!

All walkers must register, including adults accompanying children.  This is for insurance purposes and not for sponsorship reasons.

The walk will go ahead even in rain but in the event of strong winds and possible disruption to the ferry service please check the Travel Trident website which will be updated at 07:45 on the day of the walk.

Travel Information

On Monday the 6th May the Travel Trident boat and Herm Ferry leaves Guernsey at various times throughout the morning giving you various options to get there on time. 

Travel Trident’s  first sailing is at 8.30 am which gives you plenty of time to get to the start of the walk.

The first Herm Ferry boat leaves earlier at 7.45am and must be booked via their website.

Walkers must check in at the Harbour walk desk before starting.

Route Details

Herm Walker Information

For insurance purposes, all walkers must have a unique Walker Number.

You should receive this in the email confirming your registration. Please make a note of It.

On the day of the Walk, please check in at the Start Table  and quote your Walker Number to collect your pin-on identification number.

If you print out a sponsorship form, put your name and Walker Number on it, and bring it on the day.  This will speed up the process. There is a link to your sponsorship form in your confirmation email.

We would encourage all walkers to ask as many sponsors as possible to pledge money for your efforts.

People can also donate to the charities benefitting from the Walk here. Donate here.

Once you have registered, you can collect sponsorship money via your Race Nation personal online fundraising page.

A link will be sent to you by email.

You might also like to print out a sponsorship form. Please write your name and Walker Number on the sponsorship form even if you’ve collected money online. Remember to pick up your sponsorship form after the walk if you still have more sponsorship money to collect.

Arrangements for payment of sponsorship money after the Walk are detailed on the form. If you bring sponsorship monies with you on the day, please hand them in with your sponsorship form to the Start table.

Sponsorship monies can also be handed in, after you have finished the Walk, to the Treasury Team at Rovers Football Club

If you don’t bring sponsorship monies on the day, your sponsorship form still needs to be handed in so that it can be stamped to show your sponsors that you have done the Walk.

Please note that the sponsorship form is not available to download from the website.  If you haven’t got one, please check for a link in the email confirming your registration.

Road Safety is of utmost importance for your own sake and the welfare of other road users. Please stay on the marked route and take extra care when crossing roads, ensuring you follow Marshals’ instructions and respect their authority.

Observe the traffic code for pedestrians:

  1. Where a pavement exists, please use it;
  2. Where there is no pavement, walk on the right facing oncoming traffic;
  3. Do not walk more than two abreast;
  4. Cross main roads only at pedestrian crossings, or where you can be seen easily by motorists.